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CUT 2 ON FOLD – Fashion-Performance

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September 4th, 2009 Posted 12:26 am

“CUT 2 ON FOLD is a multi-faceted textile-led project running throughout 2009, including an interactive installation, a contemporary dance piece, and a wide-ranging educational programme. The project explores the process of making a garment – the journey from flat pattern to calico toile to finished piece, and finally to the movement created by the wearer. Garments created during a 3-week interactive installation at the Stroud International Textile Festival become the costumes for the dance piece; the dancers in turn inhabit the world of the installation – responding to the themes of making and the inspiring garden settings. For CUT 2 ON FOLD, Studio Seven are once again collaborating with choreographer Marie-Louise Flexen, composers Steve Skinley and Rick Morton (Familiars), and professional dancers from across the region.

The Studio Seven textiles artists – Jenny Bicat, Sarah Cant, Kathryn Clarke, Sarah Pearson Cooke, Corinne Hockley, Liz Lippiatt, and Anne Rogers – work both independently and collaboratively to produce a beautiful and diverse range of textiles. In 2007, they began creating collaborative projects which bring textiles to audiences in new and surprising contexts. Their highly innovative Textiles in Performance (2007) and Make Do & Mend (2008) are previous highlights of The Stroud International Textile Festival. They sell their work from a shared studio at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester.”

from Studio Seven

at Quenington Fresh Air on 3rd July 2009 at 7pm
at Hidcote Manor Garden on 11th July 2009 at 7pm

This July, the Studio Seven textile artists, working with choreographer Marie-Louise Flexen, will bring two stunning Gloucestershire gardens to life with CUT 2 ON FOLD, a sumptuous site-specific textiles-led dance performance. Quenington Old Rectory and Hidcote Manor Garden will be transformed by Studio Seven’s innovative blend of textiles, installation, and contemporary dance.