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Danny Treacy | Them

“What circus is this? What strange ghosts are they that loom out of the darkest black, the last place in our dreams? They are us and they are Them. They are the work of Danny Treacy. They are the figments of his imagination and desire. They are made from recovered clothes, collected from those lonely places – the woods, the wasteland, the car-parks. They are re-stitched and re-fashioned: re-modelled into junk monsters. They are nightmares of the catwalk, prowling around the outskirts of style’s dumb extravagance. …” so beschreibt David Chandler die Arbeit “Them” von Danny Treacy. Man ist sich nicht sicher ob man es nun gut findet oder nicht – man ist aber irgendwie fasziniert von den Lumpen die sich der Kuenstler in seinem Londoner Atelier um dem Körper schneidert um diese Selbstportraits zu erzeugen.

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